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PC 60 cuts sometimes setup wrong?

Marilu Husman

New Member
I have had a PC 60 for a long time at my business but never used it.
I bought it new and just was afraid to dive in. I now see how valuable
it is and would like to use it for stickers, but sometimes it will cut the
sticker out and other times it will not. I am running the PC 60 with
windows 98 (I know I'm upgrading computor and windows soon, but
some of my software will not work on XP so I need to stay with 2000
my main software is Corel X3. on another computor and I save my art to
corel 8 which is what is on the computor for the PC 60. Please HELP!!
Please forward any reasons why it will not cut the outline.

Thanks to all who respond.