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PC-60 & FlexiPro 7.5

Okay well I finally took my feet off my foot rest (PC-60 under my desk) and dusted it off. I've never used this PC-60 yet since I bought it. I want to use it with FlexiPro . I have computer cables everywhere and I'm not sure if it has to be a Roland cable only, but right now I have a Serial to USB and the Printer port hooked up. I go to FlexiPro and make a little square to see if Flexi will ID the Roland and I get nothing on it. When I originally installed Flexi I set the profile to read a PC-60. Is there a driver (Roland) I must install to get Flexi to read this and how should I have this hooked up. I'm a total noob to PC too, mostly a mac guy.
Any advice?