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PC60 Repair? Is it worth it?


New Member
I have a Roland PC60. Until recently, I used it only as a cutter because the head had gotten scratched and I did have enough of a need to print to get it fixed.

Last weekend, I was cutting a job and went to feed vinyl through after cutting and was hit with a static shock when I touched the control panel. Apparently the shock damaged the cutter. Now, when you turn it on, the power light comes on and that's all. You can't even turn it off from the control panel (have to use the "hard" switch on the side). Opened the printer up and found two fuses that seem to be okay (tested with multimeter).

My question is is it worth repairing? Any ideas of something else I can do myself to diagnose/fix the problem? Know of a place that does repairs on a PC60?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
JSI Sign Systems in Atlanta is a Roland dealer. I'd check with them. Hard to tell if it's worth it until you know what needs replacing and what the cost would be.