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PC600 Printed Cling Problem - Advice Needed


New Member
PC600 Printed Black Resin on Clear Cling, it was draped over on itself overnight and in the morning, some of it had transferred to the other surface, making the whole job a mess. Wondering if the print head is bad? It looks fine otherwise, but it freaks me out to think that maybe I printing something that should be somewhat permanent that can't stand up over 1 night of barely touching another surface.

Any and all advice appreciated.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
First off, if i understand you correctly, printed thermal resins should never be allowed to make contact for any length of time with themselves such as stacking them face to face. They have an affinity for their own surfaces and stick to eachother quite readily.

Secondly, static cling is one of the more problematic materials to print onto and handle later. We started a fresh roll of cling recently that was a trusted brand but not what we had been using previously with our Edge. We immediately had a problem with it not wanting to feed smoothly under the surface wipers of our Edge and were only able to do a workaround by temporarily putting transfer tape on the wipers to reduce the friction.

Finally, we have found with any static cling, the tendency for the unprinted cling to have the same affinity for thermal resins as mentioned in point #1. So we are always careful not to allow the cling to be in contact with freshly printed areas.

In general, you will have no problem if you just stack your prints on the release liner all facing in the same direction.