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New Member
Hello all,
Any one use or have used the roland PC600 printer Cutter? Ive been think about buying one.. I know they are no longer made..Ive been looking at getting one used.. Any tips or comments about them would be greatful Thanks..


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Beautiful output when they're running right but lots of reported problems with stitching and banding. Prints on pretty much any regular vinyl.

Foil ribbons only cover about 6 square feet before they run out. Limited selection of spot colors. Next to the Fargo, the most expensive way to image on vinyl that I know of. Typical square foot costs to produce are higher than a lot of Mimaki and Roland inkjet shops are selling their prints for.


Very good for small stuff like labels, small decals, hardhat size where cost isn't as large a factor. The larger you go, the more everyone you compete with will be quoting lower than you will be able to go.


New Member
Thanks for the Info Fred, I new about their High cost to produce prints, I was just looking to get some comments on the qualty of the prints.. and the printer its self didn't know there was stitching and banding problems with them.