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Pdf cutting centers first


Sometimes when cutting a customer supplied Pdf, the centers of letters cut first and then the outside. When doing a long run sometimes a little skew will show up. Is there anything I can do to make it cut like regular fonts in Signlab? Or is there something I can tell the designer to do on their end (Museum type)?


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There may be nothing you can do. Most plotters cut "in order" based on how the file was designed. If you're using a Graphtec, there's an option called "Optimize Order" which can help. As far as what you can tell the customer, perhaps someone more familiar with the design-side of things can chime in.

Edit: I will add, though, that you may need to clean your pinch roller / grit roller and/or adjust the pressure and/or pinch roller positioning, etc., so that the media won't skew.


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On Mimakis the option to optimize the cut order is simply called, "Sort". Most brands will have some sort of version of that.


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What they said, but also here's an idea that is likely useless, but in Flexi you can manually assign the cut order and directions of paths. I'm sure other sign programs have some feature like this.


Yes, I have a Graphtec FC7000. I will look for that sort option. Is that in the plotter menu? Seems like I have seen that somewhere before.
Also I think they design their text and send as outlined text so it doesn't read as a font. All the letter are their own objects. Like "o" is a compound path.
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Are they all one layer? Our cutter tends to just do it’s own thing if it’s all in one layer but if there’s multiple layers it’ll do them in order.