.pdf to Coral File

I have a .pdf that I'm trying to convert to a Corel or eps fle that I can print anyone have anyway to do this.. I tryed in X3 and it said the file is corrupt.

Craig Sjoquist

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if I got this right .... go to save as >you see lots of options convert to pdf, or media then a window opens up ya got more choices ... do not remember all of it but it explains I've not done enough image moving yet but X3 is fairly easy .. also ya got help note to look at

13 folds


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Rick, If you are trying to open the file you have to import it into X3 and open it as curves then you can resave it into corel as a .cdr file. Hope this helps.


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Rcook99's advice should be just the ticket. I'm still using Corel 11, but it should work the same, just import it instead of trying to open.

I have copy and paste into CorelX3 if it didn't import, but usually import.

Bobby H

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If you have to deal with PDFs frequently, Adobe Illustrator would be an excellent investment.

I've had lots of grief trying to import PDFs directly into CorelDRAW and Flexi. I always get much better results when being able to open the PDF in Illustrator, do work on the file in there (like getting rid of various clipping masks, expanding strokes, etc.) and ending up with artwork that can actually be sent to a vinyl plotter or computerized routing table.