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Need Help Perf Cutting Backlit Film


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Here's my setup: HP Latex 110 printing on PET backlit film media and cutting on a Graphtec FC-86000 cutter. I need to cut long rectangular sections approximately 16" x 96" in size. I had planned to perf cut them but I'm running into trouble separating them cleanly after cutting.

It seems that due to the thickness and rigidity of the backlit media my standard perf cut settings aren't working that well. The little connection points left after perf cutting are really strong and I don't get a clean tear at those points.

Anyone have advice on how to address this issue? What cut settings work best for others in this type of situation?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Just in case it helps, I'm using Cut Master 3 for the cutter and Flexi Basic for the rip.
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Not sure if will help or not.. but might be worth a shot.. run a contour cut with a bit more pressure then run the perf cut.. it might be enough to help release the little nubs holding.


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Keencut would work well in this situation. Vinyl cutter is not the best tool for the job. If you don’t have a keencut, you could score the material on the plotter and use a shorter straightedge to manually cut the material on the score line.