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Perf printed on adhesive side


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How or where does one get perf printed on the adhesive side for indoor mount? Is Merritt even capable of doing it? The way it's on the backer it must be at the manufacturing level no?

Wiggum PI

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Clear Focus Superview Interior, but its clear perf thats reverse printed(need to be able to print white). No idea who has it or what its called there.
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If they made a perforated film that was white on the adhesive side and black on the back you could print on clear in reversed and then mount the perforated film on the top and achieve the same effect. Might want an optically clear film though for printing on.


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Thanks. Here's their description... BUT the stuff I saw could have never been removed from the liner. It was printed and then lined, not re-lined.

DAF Inside Mount Window Perf. Film is a 5.7 mil PVC film with a 60%/40% perf pattern. (60 percent printable area, 40 percent open area pattern) It has a unique low-tack grip adhesive that’s repositionable and easy to remove with little to no residue after it’s removed. Print to the window grip adhesive side, which has an ink-receptive coating, and apply the graphic to the inside of the window with the adhesive and image facing out. The polyester liner ensures a smooth application since it helps prevent the film from tunneling and curling during installation. There are a lot of good reasons to apply graphics to the inside of a window facing out toward the street … Restrictive sign codes, as extra protection from vandalistic passersby and for the ease of a sheltered indoor installation. DAF’s Inside Mount Window Perf Film makes these inside window applications even easier. The film has a unique low-tack grip adhesive that’s repositionable and easy to remove with little to no residue after it’s removed. Once the film is applied it will stick to the glass for up to a year. The 60/40 perforation pattern provides image quality and clarity when viewed from the outside and is see-through from the inside looking out.
DAF’s Inside Mount Window Perf Film is designed only for use with low-solvent and solvent printers and is available in 54″ x 82′ and 27″ x 12′ rolls.


Forgot about that one but yup.... that is the Panorama stuff. I think it's a banner type material which can be used as is or print then mount with a double sided optically clear adhesive.

isnt there one that has no adhesive, so you print, then laminate an adhesive that has a liner onto it?

4R Graphics

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As Jill said there is a perf product you print to then you laminate with a double stick optically clear laminate. you can find it in the cowboys catalog around the window perf and optically clear laminates. I believe the name is Panorama as stated above.


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Wouldn't a double-sided optically clear adhesive liner not be so optically clear once the holes are stuck to dirt & dust?


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I thought someone on here said to..
Print on perf that has no adhesive and then you use a spray adhesive to mount it...so you dont have adhesive where the holes are.