perfcut contour


I use vp540 and try to perf cut rectangle 36x72 inch printed vinyl.(no contour cut)
I apply path to that rectangle shape and choose color,name perfcutcontour, spot color, and save.
when I bring it to versaworks I don't see no perf cut menu under cut setting.

what did I do wrong??


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You MUST precisely name it either CutPath or CutContour and it must also be of hairline width I believe...I forget which name for sure since I use SoftRip but the idea is the same.


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i forgot how they did it but try a search of the threads i saw this once before and the thread went into detail on how to do it


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is it in the custom spot color palette?

PerfCutContour isn't. it's the name thats important, upper and lower case. I didn't have any issues with using a 1pt center line.

One thing I noticed, when you perf cut it lifts out of the vinyl as well as the backing for that little "bridge" that holds it to the sheet.
Looks ugly when you pull it off, so I CutContoured over the shape so it was just the paper holding it together.

After that the sheet barely holds together so you have to plan the order of cutting and not have a lot of back and forth.

Oh and it beats up the cutting strip unless you are very exact.


I do not know what program you use to apply countour cut, but I use illustrator and have had no problems since I learned how to use it, if you use illustrator, are you saving it as an EPS file?