PerfCutContour: How do you do it?


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Hello guys

I would love if some one could share the settings you use when doing this.

Normal Pressure Length: ?
Perforation Length: ?
Perforation Pressure: ?

The blades and cutting strip is okay if it get bad fast.

Thanks for all help!!! :thankyou:

Best regards Patrik the Swede


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I only did a perf cut with the Roland technician when he was at my shop, which it worked well.

The name of the swatch is – PerfCutContour
Save it as a spot color. You can make it any color you want.

We had these settings...
Normal Pressure Length: .060 in
Perforation Length: 2" in
Perforation Pressure: 190 gf


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Thanks for your help!
I got it to work "good" on the second run. It did cut it out but I think I should have a little more pressure to cut even deeper ore harder.
Do you know what I should change to get that result?


to make the blade cut deeper it would be the "Force" setting on the Roland.