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Need Help Perforation Cutting & Vinyl

Hello All!

I have been hovering the forums looking for the exact thread but I cannot come across mine so I figured I'd ask. I have issue's when it comes to perf. cutting on 2 of my machines and i'm beginning to think it's not just me and it's very frustrating.

I have 2 machines a Roland XR-640 & a Roland 540v. Both machines are struggling to manage to perf cut. I'm currently using 3165RA with a 210 laminate. .25 offset on the blades plus machine. .45 degree blade. When i'm cutting this material i'm hovering without laminate around 80 force, cutting with laminate around 120. Now from my rep, i'm told this is VERY high and my machines shouldn't have an issue cutting this with a brand new blade which I just replaced, it should be around 40 force to cut without laminate 70-80 with laminate and for it to weed like a breeze. I'm finding him to be very wrong, because when i do test cuts every time I put a new blade in just to make sure I have the right force before running a job just to make sure.

Does anyone have any input on to why this is the case, perf cutting for it to even penetrate the vinyl with laminate is around 190 force which seems absurd to me, and sometime it doesn't even cut fully through. I've set everything up in versaworks changed force messed with everything that I know of with my knowledge. I'm not the strongest in this field just yet but I'm dedicated to learning, and having to save myself from hand cutting them when my machine should be able to do them. I can take pictures in the morning, maybe I should try a different vinyl? Apologies for the ramble but I'm trying to give as much detail as possible so I can help you help me. I've also replaced all the cutting strips on them thinking it was those, no go.


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Yes the force seems a bit on the high side. Should probably be around 90 for contour and 170ish for the perf. I would reset your blade (approx .5mm) and recalibrate the pressure for your cutting. I would also try a 60 degree blade. It'll work much better for doing the perf cut.

I attached a zip file file with a test cut file that will do a contour and perf so you can setup without having to run a job.


  • VersaWorksTestPerfCut.zip
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Hi there. I’m the having the same issue. Let’s hope we get this solved. I’m already 3500 in hole trying to fix it.
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