Phoenix 1212 engraver


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I am looking at a used Phoenix 1212 engraver. It is a 1996 machine. The owner only knows it worked in his dads shop.

I of course have a pile of question and I hope someone out there can help! I called Phoenix and all they want to do is sell me a new machine. The fact is the service manager has only been there 11 years and has never worked on this "vintage" machine.

It has the table & controller but no computer. Was this a dos or a windows machine? I can put together any type of computer, I just need to know.

What software will run this? Correl? Flexi?

Anyone have the manuals?

Thanks for any info. I'm just not sure if this is a waste of time or an interesting project.


Bob Cap
Gilbert, MN

J Hill Designs

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The ability to run directly from software packages including Vision, Vision PRO-LT, Vision PRO, CorelDRAW™, Flexi-Sign™, SignLAB™, EngraveLAB™, Enroute™, Type 3™ and many others on a laptop or desktop PC


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We have a 1212 of about the same vintage, it runs off windows, ours came with it's own software called Vision Pro, it's basically re-branded Sign Lab.

If you have any questions, you can PM me or call.