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Pics Of Average Workday...

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
When I first posted here, a few people wanted to see some of the cycles I striped everyday for 4 years. Here's a sampling of what I had to "endure" doing every day for last 4 years before opening my sign biz again. I got paid for having more fun than ever before, but new owners came in and ruined it all!


New Member
That's some shoddy work there pal!

Those SUCK so bad...I can't believe you EVER got paid for that mess?!?!?!

Just kidding, a true artist at work there and probably loving every minute of it. I drool in envy.
:U Rock:


New Member
Super stuff Dave. I love seeing custom choppers striped or with graphics. Wish I had that kinda talent. :cool1:

Thanks for showing.


Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
They really were killer ... and our dept always had literally hundreds of 'em around at a time. Being in that custom paint shop inside a big motorcycle factory for 4 years was one of the coolest ongoing experiences of my 51 year old existence. Had lots of famous/rich people come thru (LOTS) and they always wanted to hang in OUR workroom of all the places in a very huge factory! Talk about getting nervous when somebody watched you striping. We were filmed and photographed often too. Now, I gotta find a way to duplicate that in my 1-man shop!!!