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Pictures of GSP Sprint blade holder


New Member
Hello everyone,

Recently, I received an old GSP Sprint, hooked it up to my computer, and got everything to work. In the bag of goodies that came with the machine I got a pen (in a holder) and a spare blade (not in a holder). So, I can draw but I can't cut.

I can probably spend $100 (+/-) and buy a new one from Gerber directly. Or I can have my machinist friend make one for me for free. If the blade holder looks similar to the pen holder, it should be easy enough. I can get most of the measurements from the pen holder. But I would like to see a picture of an actual blade holder.

Can some of you please snap some pics of the blade holder? Various angles would be useful. Maybe some pics with the pen holder and blade holder side-by-side. But I am especially interested in the bottom portion that grips the blade.