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Suggestions Pigment printing on vinyl


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Hello....new to the site...

My wife and I recently got into cutting vinyl with a 34" uscutter sc2, and we have also got into airbrushing and I just bought an Epson WF 7710 to get into sublimation printing. Years ago I made a couple full size slim/modern arcade cabinets and had my vinyl side artwork printed by a guy suggested on another forum.... he did a great job which I think was solvent inked and laminated.
Well.... I have had alot of people wanting me to build them a cabinet and decided I would like to start building smaller bartop style cabinets but only if I can somehow manage to print my own vinyl artwork.
I know the epson 7710's 13x19 format wont be big enough so was looking at the HP designjet T120.

My question is.... How would sideart turn out if setting this inkjet up with pigment ink and printing on printable vinyl and then using a hand crank to cold laminate the artwork? Ive read some people say it would look terrible, others say it can be done but cant find any examples online other than small window prints or "stickers", and those seemed to look decent to me. I just cant justify a roland at this point. Maybe down the road if I stick with it but for now would laminated pigment hold up and look decent?



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there is sticky back paper that can be use with dye-pigment ink printers, if all your prints are inside and will never see sunlight it will be ok, if they are laminated, but if they go outside don't waste your money on the paper and lamination because they will not last week under direct sunlight.

d fleming

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DMVLA5 is a pigment printable vinyl. I would recommend solvent or eco solvent if buying a printer. If not in the budget right now I would sub out my prints until it is.