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Place inside container

Can anyone help me?? I am using corel X3 and I have my bitmap picture in there. When I make a square and I place it onto the picture where I want it to place inside the container..... it moves to a different place on the picture. In other words the picture wont go into the square block at the place that I want it to.
Does anyone understand what I mean??
Any help would be appreciated.


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Have U crop your bitmap square? If U didm create a box to place the bitmape in, use arrange/aliign to center your box and bitmap, then group them together. Place the grouped objects onto your other picture.
Hope this hekps...


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You need to go under the OPTIONS or PREFERENCES and change the setting that controls this. I forget exactly where, as I'm not at my shop computer, but you can uncheck the default which is to center it in the PowerClip container. I assume you don't want that (which is the way I have mine too).


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Chris has it,
Ctrl-J > Workspace > Edit > uncheck- "Auto-center new Powerclip contents"

no idea why they made the the default on instead of off.

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Tools->Options->Workspace->Edit and uncheck 'Auto-center new Power Clip contents'
Perfect!!!! Thanks to everyone! There is no way I would of found that out with out you guys!
Now I need to get back to work
Thanks everyone.:biggrin: