Plastic material holders


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Does anyone use the plastic holders that go into the end of the rolls on your versacamm. On long prints the stinkin things want to walk their way out of the roll. Should I just not use them or am I missing something. I do lock the collars up against them but that does'nt seem to help.



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I use them on new rolls and don't have a walking problem. Once the roll is about 50% gone I don't use them as much.


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The original "Mickey Mouse Ears" have a tendency to work their way out of some media brands. This can be somewhat alleviated by wrapping a couple of turns of transfer tape on the insert so it will fit more tightly on problem rolls. Another alternative is to buy the "new improved" flanges that have a core insert that can be tightened with a knob on the outside so that the insert expands in the core. If you spring for the new ones, you'll never have the problem again. The Roland part # is 1000003083 and, unfortunately, they are $44 each. Most printers run without the flanges but two problems can arise: 1. there is more drag on the feed motor when the roll is laying right on the aluminum rollers and 2. if you leave media on the printer, the roller can compress the material and grooves can show up in the print (slight, but noticeable on large, solid color sections).