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Playing Cards


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Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know where I can get some playing card vector or clip art files. I am putting together some fleet graphics for a trucking co. and need a deck of 52 to lay out in a pattern. Looking to individualize fleet of trucks by having a different hand on each truck.
Thanks folks
Mike B
Big River Sign Co.


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Scanning and vectorizing may be a method for you? Other than the face cards should be simple using an auto-trace. You could photograph and print the face cards.


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I agree with Ken . . . You may find small various random cards out there,

but you should just scan each card in a deck and then vectorize them !


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Vectorized Cards

Here is the site for your vectorized cards. I think they cost $39.00 for the site.

Here is the pdf catalogue for you

Warm regards !
Terry:Canada 2:


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This site never ceases to amaze me. The knowledge and talent in here is amazing. You can just ask about anything and somebody is going to have the right answer. Who would have thought someone would have a full deck of cards....with the Joker I might add......in vector. I'm impressed that was good.



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If you scan the art from a deck of playing cards, are you not violating copyright law? Maybe Fred could enlighten me, cuz I've read so very many posts on this type of thing I'm getting the wrong idea.

Is this any different than scanning a photo of an animal out of a photography book?


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Common things like numbers,hearts,Kings and Queens and aces are open for all to use,,you cant hold a copyrite on a common objects,I THINK LOL,I'm sure Fred will know!!!


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Depends.. technically most are copyright by USPCC card company.. and those would be illegal to scan and print. I don't know if all of them are though or even if vectorizing the USPCC regular brand cards would be - eh.. dunno!