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Please Help - Fraying Vinyl!


New Member
Hi guys -

We are currently running a XC-540 and have had recent problems with the ends of our vinyl fraying on the edges as it rubs against the media "vices" (plastic circular rings that tighten onto the media rollbars on the back of the Roland and hold the roll of vinyl in place). If we don't use the media vices, the roll of vinyl has a tendency to shift and become off-centered as it is consumed throughout the day.

Needless to say, as the vinyl becomes fraying it heightens the possibility that the carriage or heads will strike the media.

We are using Orcal vinyl which does not attach the vinyl to its core and I don't know if that has anything to do with the problem.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!




New Member
could you cut circular pieces of foam out to act as a buffer between the media and the rings that hold it in place?
You should not need the collates that tight. If your having tracking problems , use the media flanges. Give the cores a couple twists to firm up the slack.


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Make sure the flanges are inserted firmly into the core..as CV suggests allow a little bit of play with the collars and check every now and then that the flanges are still firmly in place. If they seem to becoming loose, a few wraps of masking tape around the flange(where it inserts into the core) will help keep them tight.