Please help...need Mazda font


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I have been searching the internet for the Mazda logo font....I found one that's CLOSE called SF Automation but, it doesn't have the stencil-like breaks in the Z & N.

Does anyone have any ideas? Do you know what the font is called? LINKS?


Thanks in Advance!



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are you just reproducing the word MAZDA or is there more text involved?
if you are just doing MAZDA add the two details and be done with it, more than likely that was a custom made logo for MAZDA and you will not find an exact match and you will need to create what you desire //chopper


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It's a logo for a local Mazda dealer's racing team...So there's more text, in fact doesn't even say Mazda. If it wasn't for the N, the font I found would be perfect. Might just have to create the N, ya know?

Thanks for the advice Chopper


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i was just checking out the sf automation...the z when lower cased has the break. Does that help.


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Actually BOTH were good ideas, thanks for the help guys!

(I should have thought of rotating the Z,......duh!!! lol)