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Please help

James Chrimes

New Member
I am having some trouble finding this font that goes to part of a sign. Thanks for any help. Sorry if the quality is sucky the marketing people sent me a lousy file to work from and it is more work to get them staightend out than to just reproduce the sign myself.


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    at grantham.JPG
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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Ogriv said:

How do you identify all those fonts so quickly?????

A combination of software and experience. In this case I recognized the sample to be someone's Garamond. I then simply did a visual comparison using Typograf. When a sample is better quality, I usually start out by using the Font Expert font ID program.


New Member
Yes, I agree that's how the proverb goes, but I was on break and only had like 30 seconds to respond :)