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plotter needed to cut magnetic sheeting


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Hi guys, I got a big contract I would like to do.
what kind of plotter do I need to cut magnetic sheeting ...... i need to cut lots of letters and numbers ???

thanks for help


Heinzen Sign

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Depends on thickness of magnetic material. I use my Mimaki CG130 to cut up to 30 mil. I adjust the blade depth for thickness so it just cuts halfway through the material and then I have to "punch" the magnets out. It is pretty easy. If you have a lot of magnets, you will go through the blades pretty fast. Make sure your quote includes the cost of the blades.
You cannot cut the material. You will only need to score it. The white vinyl on top of the magent material IS what is keeping it together. Cut a small piece with an xacto, and do not go all the way through the magnet - you will see what it is like.


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I use my Gerber plotter to cut magnetic material. It's the model that comes with the Edge. It has a special setting for it.