plotter not listed in flexi


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i'm having a problem with finding my cutter and setting it up in flexisign

i have a ssk designtech 60 ,...i have my plotter driver disk ,i just can't find a way to install it into the list in the production manager.
i did however set it up as a graphtec ce3000 60 (i read somewhere on the net that the DT 60 is the same as the CE3000 ,just bears a differnet name on the machine),it works and cuts fine
but "for peice of mind" i would rather use the true driver that came with the plotter .is there any way to add my driver to the list flexi comes with?

and if not will it hurt anything running my plotter on the incorrect driver

any info will help



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you should be able to go to the flexi web site and get an updated list of drivers and see if your machine is listed, if not I would call flexi and get the driver from them, I dont think you can import a third party driver into flexi it will need to come from flexi // chopper


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i seached the flexi web site, no go with the updates,so using a different driver went hurt?
is anyone firmiliar with the designtech 60 ,and know a graphtec driver that is more closer to the dt60 driver, i know the plotter is graphtec cus it said graphtec right on the box and the manual when i bought it just don't know which graphtec it was modelled after


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It is a graphtec, The graphtec driver your using will work just fine. THere Is no way I know of to add another third party driver, thats why flexi included the generic hpgl drivers.



Mobileimpact gave you the only other option. The is to set your plotter to HPGL and use the HPLG driver.