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Need Help Plotting handwriting text


New Member
Hello ! I use my plotter not so often.....only for plotting text on ceramic paper for fusing in a kiln.
I did try to plot a handwriting text in little format, but I was not able to get it good from the underground...
it did break.
So...is there perhaps a tool or a good tip how to go on with this ??
Sorry for my knowledge of the English language ....I do my atmost !
greetings from Holland, Jan
P.S. Perhaps there are here more Dutchman ???


Active Member
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying the problem was, but it might be that you didn't weld the letters together in your software before you went to cut them from vinyl.


New Member
i agree with uncle bun.
maybe you can send a pic of what you are getting or that shows what the problem is?


New Member
Hello ! Thank you for your response !
I have to plot a text and this is not so big and handwriting (see picture). I ductape the ceramic paper on the vinyl and plot.
The problem is........how get I this complete from the ceramic paper without damage ? Perhaps there is anybody who have a tip for me !!
Jan (from Holland)
Jelte gedeelte.jpg