Plugins?/Eyecandy&Flexipro 7.5v5?

I may be in the wrong forum but here it go's my first post .After reading thru threads.Still have some?Fred you mentioned using these filters in PS 6 are they compatible in PS 7 & flexi?If not can i save or export in 6 format?Then into flexi?Also which version of EyeC 4000 or is 5 compatible also?Are there any other plugins available that work within flexi's plugin folder.Next dose anyone know if you can add custom fills or textures to your fills or swatch library? Im a rookie all around but do most all of my work in flexi.O by the way I thought i saw another thread about flexi 7.6 & tiger Os 10.4 i dindn't know they released a new 7.6 version for mac. Nothing on scanvecs website? :help: :thankyou:

Mike Paul

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Yes you can access PS 7 Plugins.

Adding custom fills & textures to your Flexi color palette is simple.
Just select the color or bitmap texture you would like to add and go to > View > color > Define pattern.

It will automatically appear in color swatches.

Don't forget to save the the swatch table.