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Shaun Price

New Member
Has anyone tried to use plugins on signlab 7. I was told that you can use eyecandy on it. Is there any other plugins that can be used. I am at present using adobe photo cs and using their plugin then saving as a jpeg and importing the jpeg into signlab. It would be much easier to use the types of feature in signlab in the first place.


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SignLab 7

Hi Shaun: Cadlink states that you can use Adobe Plug-ins as long as you've got SignLab 7 Print & Cut or Print & Cut Server. Vinyl & Vinyl Pro do not support plug-ins.
If you have not got the above versions of SignLab I wouldn't sweat it too much - My belief is that SignLab is playing catch-up with Photoshop anyway where bitmaps are concerned. Your plug-ins will work brilliantly in Photoshop but as I've just discovered are not 'plug-n-play' with SignLab. I couldn't get Eye Candy to work even though it installed OK in SignLab (Print & Cut designer / demo). I'll be sticking with Photoshop for bitmap editing for now. PS: How come you work in jpeg's? - I thought that TIFF's would be better for preserving definition! Steve.

Driving Force

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It works great. I use it all the time. I also use it in photoshop, but there are some things you can do in Signlab that works so much better than photoshop.

to use eyecandy in SL, you must set the path( the folder in photoshop where eyecandy is located)
double click on the image and select the region that you want to apply with the magic wand. One thing that is very cool in SL is that you can put a vector(or lettering) on top of the image and select it with the magic wand giving you a very sharp edge when applying the effect.