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What is a used Roland PNC-5000 worth? Needs ink, has not been used in a while. Pro's Con's? Good machine to consider buying? :help:

Craig Sjoquist

New Member
not much have one cuts n prints 13 " ... discontiued service from roland ... works well though for cutting so far just started using after having 3 yrs just got software also printing is good for about a foot or two, long stuff no ... need to watch n clean material alot or u mess up head cost $800 to replace 10yr old machine if at all possiable buy newer machine ,if pnc cheap less than a grand way less it good for cutting have not printed with mine yet but info came from roland service person here in town cost $7.50 sq ft to print about for ink so all this is new to me. ... my plan is use for a yr or so n get a upgrade like a 30" software I use is win pcsign letter 14.0 set it campro. thats all I know, keep in touch if buy for compare n info