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pnc1000 eratic cutting


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Gooday Guys and Guyettes

Just got a pnc 1000 up and running but having hassles with the cut.
Part way through a cut it will shoot of at tangent to the edge of page and then return (V)and continue cutting.
In this action it will miss 4-5mm in the actual cut path.
I will get an "Error 2 Wrong No of Parameters"
How am I creating an wrong No of Parameters?

Anyone throw any light on this for me?




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PNC 1000 eratic cutting

A little more info for you all to work with.

I have attached a pic to help explain the problem I am having.

Thanks people




  • Random cut error.JPG
    Random cut error.JPG
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"Error 2. Wrong No of Parameters"

Can someone tell me what this means and how do I correct it.



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Error 2. Wrong No of Parameters
with a pnc-1000 you will get that all the time. the problem i see with the drawing is you got a NODE problem in the cutting program. its reading what the computer is tellin the plotter to do.
ZOOM in on the "g" and see if you dont have a wild NODE. REDUCE NODES and this should go away.


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I agree with OldPaint answer, I had a PNC1000 for the last 13years and was using a driver called signpost to cut and had no error messages. Last year this Signpost software had stopped functioning because it had a dongle. I managed to download the driver for the PNC 1000 from Roland site and started cutting direct from coreldrw to the plotter and in this method started giving me this message, but it says you have to ignore it.

Peter from Splash Design


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HI Lance ! I had a pnc1000A years ago ,but error may be in cable( !) Is it too long!? Or something or some other cable is near!? We had some work for small fair and just put a new longer cable 6m (used to be 3m), and cutter work fine but some letters was damaged. Cable was inport from Deutchland and was first class ,but it takes few minutes to colllect inpulses from other sources and start messing up work. I reinstaled various drivers about 20 times!Dont ask me how I get it what is the problem. Never guess that the cable is source of problem.I also have some drivers for it and port tester ,somewhere in my shop..I`ll could send you later that software, if you still got problem.
This was just my case, maybe OLDPAINT was right at the end!?

-I have somewhere scanned manual for PNC 1000 & PNC 1000A with list of erorrs if you want I can send it to you on mail.