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PNG file. Questional website


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I was preparing a proposal for a customer and wanted to overlay a picture of a girl standing beside the sign structure. The background to my proposal had a gradient, so my options were limited. While I could use some hokey clipart that I had (perhaps a silhouette), or I could use a photo I had, then spend a bunch of time cropping her out. I chose to crop a photo I had. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the girl, her outfit, and the background in THAT picture (and my inexperience), I did a terrible job.

So I did a "google" search for png files for "girl standing", and the first hit was a site called "PNG PLAY"


A few notes.
1) The website says its a "not secure" site.
2) The site does offer a forum to report copyright infringement (perhaps that is a CYA, or their a$$ thing) hmm.
3) Really nice stuff, but I don't want to steal artwork either.
4) I did have the virus software running at full alert mode (jk). I'm very meticulous in this department
5) Did I mention, this is some really nice stuff?

I did use one file for my project.

Please give me your feedback!!!


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Not secure just means it's not running HTTPS, lots of websites still haven't transitioned. It's just encryption of communication between you and the website.

As for the rest, I don't really see any red flags but I can't find any info about them anywhere.

Edit: looks like it's owned by the same guy that owns pngall.com, he seems to be out of India.
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Was unable to find any of those images on any other stock photo site. So probably good to go. Wouldn't rely on it too much because it looks like the art is used in a lot of free PowerPoint presentations. lol.


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I wouldn't use it to incorporate into a customers project, but for a sales tool, it worked great
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