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Poll Size/Feeding Vinyl in Flexi


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Hello All,

Hope this is in the right forum and makes sense as I am new to the Vinyl Sign Biz.

Is there a way to disable polling in FlexiSign 7.5?

I have a Bobcat 24" from Signwarehouse and have tried connecting using Serial and Parallel connections (since the manual said that poll size is only available through serial connections) and still have a problem (using Lynx-60 as the cutter in Flexi) with too much vinyl being fed through the cutter.

In case I'm asking the wrong thing using the wrong terminology my problem is that no matter what dimension I set my media to or design my project to be (12"x18" for example) when I go to cut the job much more than the required vinyl is fed through the cutter then retracted before it begins to cut. Now this isn't a problem when I have a full roll to feed but using a piece of vinyl that the job will fit on (with room to spare) the cutter feeds the entire piece through before it cuts and of course, results in an error. Not to mention tracking errors if I don't baby-sit the job.

Any guidance to a "vinyl-virgin" as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I think this is a setting on your plotter, not in Flexi. My Graphtec has an 'Auto Pre Feed' that can be turned on or off that controls this behavior.


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(and I mean that in the most manly and non suggestive of ways!)

RTM (Read The Manual) only works when you know what you're looking for and you pointed me in the right direction! You were absolutely right!!!!


Dip Switch #7 needs to be in the up or disable position if anybody else has this issue with a Bobcat 24" (Lynx-60)


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Lynx S-60

I need help with connecting my Lynx S-60 to Flexi. I bought an adapter for serial port to usb on computer.


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You need to help yourself for us to help you ---- so whats the issue?

Don't know where to plug it in?
Install serial to usb drivers?
It will be one of the ports listed "USB000" or "USB001" etc -- try each one (make a square and send it to cut -- if it doesnt work try the next port)

--Original Poster--

I left dip 7 up and simply add 4" to total length and precut it :0)