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Hey all,
Does anyone digitally print on poly carbonate im looking for a supplier in the UK ideally who can supply rolls of said material we have some in sheets but tbh it isnt receptive to digiprint (supplier has said its not for digi) 50/50 success rate at best.
thickness required is 0.125mm and 0.25mm
any help/advice would be great the main problem is i will print the colours but when it is screen flooded(generally backed up white) it reacts with the material/ink.
Thanks in advance.


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What kind of digital printer? We have used a material here in the states for the same application, color print with solvent digital and white backup on the screen press with UV ink. Material is called JetView and it is sold by Tekra. I don't know if they have a presence in the UK but if they make it here, I would guess someone would make it there.

Zach Starr

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Poly-carbonate can be digitally printed, only depends on the application you are looking to use it for. Where are you based in the UK ?


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Hi thanks for your responses,
Were down south in Sussex, we use UV ink on a Fuji Acuity II 1600 or a Roland LEF-20 hmm interested about the jet view ill see if i can find anything locally request a sample.Interested to hear you can solvent print it. Never been able to digitally print solvent polycarbonate or polyester (True Vis SG300 & Roland SP300v)

problem is it bubbles when you apply the white screen flood coat. (like i say only 50% of the time) we use a polydyme screen flood coat as the usual one (I forget its name) will react every single time.
I have tried flood coating with the UV white on the machine it doesn't react. looks great but it seems to chip when we try and cut it.

Could it be the UV ink isn't curing properly for both of the problems? sometimes when I do a white UV flood it does feel tacky.

We don't use Poly Carbonate a lot but its a pain when we do.

Thanks again.