Possiible to laminate 970 RA?

Divizion E

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I have a customer that wants carbon fiber wraps and matte red full car wrap
would it be possible to laminate over the 970RA already?
how could I go about getting a vehicle wrap film in red and laminate it in matte? would I have to print a solid red on IJ380c-v3 or 3951RA? I really would want to stray away from that, what are my options?

Thank you! :)


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of course you can lam it. you should lam it for many reasons. many mentioned on this site. the beauty of the lam is you can chose your finish. run with it.

if you can find a color pigmented vinyl that you are looking for, you should use it rather than print.

Divizion E

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Thanks alott! :)
so most cast vinyls with air release technology, laminated, will work fairly as well as 970RA?
Just to clarify