I have been watching this for awhile, even though I personally don't have a Win 10 device, I do sometimes check it out on Win 10 devices that I have access to and the owners don't mind my doing some playing around with program.

For those whose computer experience goes this far back, this used to be a utility program in Win 95 and Win 98 (most on here know that this was, and still is, my favorite version of Windows), I think it did make it to XP, but I wasn't using it then, so I can't say for sure.

The 2 that I like are:

Fancy Zones:
Kinda of a hybrid Tiling Window Manager. Very good for productivity. It will take awhile to get used to if one is not familiar with working along these lines. But for me, worth it in the end, just something that I thought I would mention. Something that they got from Linux due to their EEE (whoops, "Love") for Linux now, I'm willing to bet.

PowerToys Run:
Something else that they got from Linux, specifically KDE Plasma DE (which, I will admit, I am a HUGE fanboy of, all my desktops run this DE, even though they might be different distros) and this is just KRunner with a little bit of MS branding as far as the name goes. Still a very good utility program though, don't get me wrong, but it is essentially Krunner.

Those are the two that I really like.

Just thought I would share, if you want to try it out, got to the Releases and downloads the exe.