Preference manager (restore) messed up my blacks


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Now before everyone starts telling me how RGB and CMYK blacks are different and how I should just start using CMYK black since it prints correct in my case; that is not what I'm after. Let me explain. I have a custom profile for my VS-300i that has been printing colors perfectly (including RGB black). One day all my settings, color swatches, etc. were all jumbled around (Flexi likes to do this about once a year for some reason) so I went to my preference manager to do a restore. Well that fixed the issues I was having, but I had to change Flexi preset to remember my latest profile I created that works great for my printer. Unfortunately this made my default "Flexi Black" (RGB) appear kind of dirty looking. In the images you can see how nice CMYK black looks compared to it. I feel like I have tried everything in my profile and settings to get it back to normal but no matter what I do it still looks dirty. What could the preference manager restore due to make such a change only to black?
Photo May 03, 7 41 04 PM.jpg
Photo May 06, 7 05 44 PM.jpg