Preparing Die Cut Graphics in Adobe Illustrator chap 1

Pat Whatley

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Those are not die cut graphics. Die cutting involves dies and presses, it does not involve plotters.

Might as well call it hand lettering while you're at it.


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The term "die cut graphics" drives me nuts....But it seems to be in very common use.....

PS....It also bugs me when some folks call stickers
I would say it is a term that has evolved with the introduction of the plotter, Kinda like the term "pilot" evolved. It used to just mean someone who steers a ship, now it means someone who steers a ship or steers an airplane, or it can mean the first TV show in a series....go figure.

Pat Whatley

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Sorry, the only people in the industry I hear using "die cut graphics" are peeing Calvin sticker jockeys.


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Die Cut does require a die to cut!

Cad Cut is what is done by a plotter!

The may appear to look the same but they are not the same technique, just because you read something on the web doesn't make it true.

Pat Whatley

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I guess you didn't Google it then, Signazon refers to them as such

Yes I did Google it, here you go. I've never heard of a Signazon and don't respect their authority. :Big Laugh

That said, and I wish I'd said this in the first post, nice videos for somebody seeking entry level information. You make it all simple and clear and you're working slow enough that somebody new to it can follow it.


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