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Prepping media question

Copy Cat Print

New Member
Hi All,

New to the forum and had a quick question regarding prepping Corflute for printing on a flatbed. We have been using isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the surface prior to printing but find that it does not remove the fingerprints completely. These fingerprints are from the supplier that is handling the stock as we use clean gloves when handling the sheets.

Is there a better cleaning solution that will help, the fingerprints tend to be in the corners and encroach into the print area.

Thanks in advance.

White Haus

Not a Newbie
Ordering by the pallet has been our only surefire solution to this issue.

But when we do have to prep sheets that have been handled:

-Spray a clean microfiber rag with a 50/50 mix of isopropyl (99%) and water so that it's damp, but not soaked/dripping wet.
-Mist the entire surface of the sheet with the same mix
-Wipe from left to right with firm pressure and overlapping strokes
-Finish off with a dry & clean micro fiber rag to remove any residue and buff it dry/clean
-Visually inspect the surface from the end of the sheet - if you see streaks, they will show once the ink is laid.
-Hit print and hope for the best

Copy Cat Print

New Member
Thanks everyone for the replies....have been using 90% alcohol but clearly not enough elbow grease. Will also get microfibre cloth as these do tend to clean things much better.