Press Release: Transco To Go, LLC and The Sign Syndicate Enter Into Distribution Agre


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Press Release: Transco To Go, LLC and The Sign Syndicate Enter Into Distribution Agreement

June 19, 2012
San Diego, CA & West Columbia, SC

Transco To Go, LLC, a Manufacturer and Master Wholesale Distributor of Electric Components for the Signage Industry, and The Sign Syndicate, the Sign Industry’s most visited, respected, and interactive Online Community Website announces today an exciting Distribution Agreement.
“We are proud and excited to become a Transco To Go Distributor,” said Erik Gastelum, President & Founder of The Sign Syndicate, “Transco To Go is a market leader in almost every product category in which it competes, be it Toggle Switches, Silicone Neon Electrode Enclosures, GTO Wire, Lampholders, Channel Bond/Resin Bond, and Power Supplies. Additionally, Transco To Go has the most complete inventory of Neon Components/Accessories/Parts/Transformers I have ever seen—and I am doing my best to make sure everyone is aware that I have them to offer!”

The Sign Syndicate, headquartered in San Diego, CA, was started in late 2004 as a Message Board. From its inception, The Sign Syndicate had one goal that it maintains to this date: a Focus on the Electric Sign aspect of the trade. The Sign Syndicate has managed to create a place where the Electric Sign Industry can “unwind,” while at the same time being a place that is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

“This partnership could not make me happier,” said Creston W. Brown, Business Development Director of Transco To Go, “Erik is truly a Distributor’s Distributor—he knows the product, he stocks the product, he promotes the product, he is excited about the product, and he is never satisfied with the minimum. These characteristics explain why he is the largest Transco To Go stocking distributor in the State of California! Erik is always challenging me on different products he would like Transco To Go to bring to market—and we are listening. Our pipeline is full of many different new and exciting products that we can’t wait to introduce to the marketplace. Right now we are firing on all cylinders to bring the Sign Industries first Military Grade Neon Transformer, The UNT Tank, to market at the end of August.”

First introduced at the ISA Show in Orlando, FL, The UNT Tank is being hailed as the Rolls Royce of Neon Transformers. With a completely redesigned and beefed up Core, Military Grade Steel Laminations, 100% Copper Wire throughout, Resin Fill, and a manufacturing process designed solely around ensuring maximum protection and strength of the Core & Coil, the UNT Tank will not disappoint, especially with 2 models replacing 8 Secondary Volt Ratings.
Transco To Go, LLC headquartered in West Columbia, SC, manufactures product around the world—from as far away as Asia to as close as its own headquarters where it will be final assembling its new line of Neon Transformers.

Fred Weiss

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I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't show me the courtesy of requesting permission to post this press release. It's more than a little self serving and contains elements that we would normally reserve for merchant members. I've always liked your posts here at Signs 101 so I'm going to let this one stand.

For the record, however, your Alexa traffic rank is 1,606,079 which places your site among the LEAST visited in the industry. The lower the number, the higher the amount of traffic at a site. Signs 101,for example, is among the most visited sign industry websites and currently has an Alexa rank of 112,167. So when you say "The Sign Syndicate, the Sign Industry’s most visited, respected, and interactive Online Community Website", I am forced to take notice and to take exception to such a claim. It is patently false that your site has the most visits and ironic that you would make such a claim on a site such as Signs 101.

Sincere wishes for every success, however, with your new venture.


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I think you're correct on a couple of accounts and sorry for the post....I thought it would have been self serving if if it had links.....but I never really thought of our site as competition in anyway since ours is dedicated to electric sign trade only....

What Transco should have stated was "electric sign site"..... Thank you though for the well wishes and sorry again if I barged into the house with cocktail in hand so to speak :)