Pressure knob adjustment question on enduralam

Is this supposed to bottom out here? (see picture)

13 year old laminator that I have successfully been using without much needed adjustment. However lately one side of the laminator began to give me issues running cast lamination (fingering would start towards one side after about 3-4' of run laminate). Calendar lamination would run fine.

I did some adjustments (per the manual) and got a nice even gap with equal resistance when using the paper method of roll leveling.

I might of went a little overboard on adjustments? as the pictured side roll adjustment was almost bottomed out at the bottom of the adjustment. So I adjusted that to a close to center position and equaled out the opposite sides pressure.

Now it seems to me that my pressure knob is too free. and only gets resistance when the lever bottoms out (as pictured in the image).

Is that typical? or should I be receiving resistance on the knob before the bottom out?


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