Price difference?


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I'm in the process of purchasing a CE5000-120. Trying to look for the best deal, I find a tremendous price difference. Let's see, Signwarehous has it on ebay for $2.495, on their page directly I can't find the price for this specific model. Other dealers have it for a bit over 3k, some even 3.5k? What's going on?


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I bought mine local, but paid pretty much listish... Figured I'd get a bit better service. We'll see... My Mutoh only photoprint conflicted with the cutting master software, so, time to upgrade. Got my Photoprint DX 5.0v3, and had to call SAI to get a driver for the thing - it wasn't on the disk.

Seems a solid enough machine - if I could only get the ARMS stuff working. It's just such a hassle walking across the room every time I wanna do a change, and the only manual that ships with it is on the CD...

I suspect I've got settings for the registration marks wrong somehow... This is irritating. I'm pretty sure it'll work okay eventually, but hitting the button, and watching it go hunting, and then hit an error, and doing it a few dozen times, is one heckuva way to ruin an evening.