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Primed, paintable artist canvas that I can print on an HP L26500?

Pat Whatley

New Member
I've got a customer who wants a bunch of custom made paint by numbers printed on primed artists canvas. This will just be black, wireframe art, not a full color print. I printed a sample on a couple of materials we use for gallery wrap full color canvas prints, the printing cures enough to not interfere with the paint but the paint won't stick to the canvas very well. I'm tempted to just run a roll of Frederick's Artists Canvas from the art supply store through the machine but I wanted to ask first.

Anyone run into anything like this?


New Member
Pat, just saw this. Don't have an answer, but what I'm finding out is that the canvases used for pigment based printers (I have a Canon Pro-4000) are not the same as the ones that I could use on my HP 365. The pigment ones are more expensive, and I guess the coating or primer are different for both. My idea was to try to be able to use the same type of material for both processes and have a more consistent look.
If you could skip the primer, I just saw a sample by Fisher Textiles, that is all natural cotton canvas, color is not white.