Print and Cut Help!


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I finally have my Mutoh setup along with my Graphtec FC7000-75 to do print and cut decals. Ok that is the easy part. I have watched all of Signlab Tutorials and still am unable to figure out how to get this to work. Keep in mind I use signlab (9.1) to cut vinyl but just starting to get into the whole print and cut thing.

I am looking for someone that is willing to help me make sure my settings are correct and if possible to maybe talk on the phone as this will make it easier and quicker. I will gladly call you and if so pay for your time. PM me with your contact info if you are willing to help.



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I have SignLab...I find it way easier to print out of Corel via my Versaworks RIP.


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Mosh all printing I do use Corel ran through Flexi Print. I find it very easy to print from corel. But my problem is having the ability to do die cut decals by printing and then cutting on the Graphtec. The profiles I have that came with Flexi actually produce very rich colors as opposed to Signlab at least at this point. I am still reading and trying different things to see what works best.


What exactly are you having troubles with? Is the cutter not reading the print? I use a mutoh/graphtec combo as well without troubles but I don't use it with signlab.


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I can print through SL but it does not give me the option to cut it after its printed. So I can't even get to the cutter to have a chance at it Reid cutting.