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Print and cut media poll

top brands

  • 3M IJ180cv3/8518

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Avery 1105rs / 1360z

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Oracal

    Votes: 3 33.3%

  • Total voters


New Member
Whats everyone favorite material to print and cut. I'm using a latex printer. I'm not to happy with what I'm using now but not going to bash and its quality just looking to see what others are using.
I would like this to be the same material I use for wrapping as well.
Thank you,


New Member
It depends on the job. We use a lot of Arlon 4600lx for exterior signs, and often use GF 201 for interior / short term / decals.

Jen M

New Member
I use mainly 3M IJ35C-10 or IJ35-20 (though not for wraps). I can get it pretty cheap, it prints on all my machines (eco-solv or Latex), cuts like a dream on the plotters, and lasts well out here in the Vegas heat (or monsoon season) for signs intended to be up less than 2 years. I use lams 8508(G) or 8510(M).

IJ180 for vehicle wraps is my go to combined with 8518. Likewise for long term outdoor signs (though with 8520/8519 lam).

As for using it for both regular signs and wraps, I find that bad for cost, depending.

I am not certain how your work usually pans out... But if your work is mainly wraps, then I think its alright to keep only one vinyl in stock to use on all jobs. However, if you have a good amount of lesser signs (not just vehicle wraps) then it would potentially be better to have both a Calendared and a Cast vinyl. The cost of a calendared vs. a cast more than explains this tactic. You would just make sure to group your jobs together on one vinyl type before switching to the other vinyl type during your daily work flow.

As an example, here the cost difference from 3M Calendared to 3M Cast is around $300-400 per roll.

(Think I might have yammered too much. sorry!)