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Print Cut alignment issue


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We have an older Roland VS-540 combo printer/cutter and in the last few months have been having on and off issues with our cuts being off. Sometimes worse than others.
I've done test prints for all the calibration and alignment settings and they are all fine. I'm hoping some of you might have suggestions for a solution.

The attached photos show a print-cut of a run of 8.5" x 1.75" decals. The print itself is 54"wide x 55" long. 21 columns x 6 rows of decals.

I highlighted the lengthwise cuts with a cyan line to make it easier to see.

Photo 78 - 1st column. The first cuts in the run. Cuts at the top and bottom are exactly where they're supposed to be.

Photo 79 - Still column 1. The top cut of 1st row and the bottom cut of the 2nd row. You can see that the cut has already dropped down quite a bit from where it was in the first row.

Photo 80 - Column 4 & 5 but still between the 1st and 2nd row. For some reason the 5th column(left) drops way down... but column 6 (not shown) is back in line with column 4(right). Column 5 is lower for the rest of the run for no apparent reason.

Photo 81 - Back to column 1, now between row 2 and 3. It gets incrementally worse with every row.

The .eps file used is fine. I am not the person printing and cutting but I ahve observed the person that is, and I can't see any issues. I've asked if they are doing certain steps that I thought could be the issue and they've assured me they are doing it correctly....

So does anyone have any ideas about the cause? Could it be the rip software, the printer or the operator?


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Broome Signs

New Member
When was the last time you replaced the two outside pinch rollers?

They are supposed to be concaved

If yours are flat you need to replace them

Also turn the heaters off while cutting

And slow the feed rate down most people have the feed rate to fast


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55 x 55 ins of vinyl and laminate is quite heavy and does not like changing direction quickly causing slip as said slow it down both cut and up speed,
roland supply 5 extra pinch rollers use them for just this reason, i would have printed with 2 rollers and cut with 5 total for this size job.

C5 Service&Repair

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Your grit roller is likely loaded up with paper dust and needs cleaned. Use alcohol and a brass bristled wire brush to clean the knurls in the grit roller. As woolly said, add a few of the extra rollers to the middle of the media to help.