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I have a SP-540v and if I try to print / cut with a fade or drop shadow the cutcontour lines don't come up as cuts. It shows as a pink line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!


Welcome from PA, I need more info to help you, I assume you have printed & cut successfully before, what are you designing in? What OS, windows or PC? can you post a pic of the file?


If the file has any transparencies the cutcontours will not work. In these cases you need to export to a jpeg, place the jpeg back in and overlay the cutcontour.

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I always make 2 copies of my cut. Use one and mask the object with the drop shadow (if its a raster shadow) then place my cut line over the top. Good Luck!

It might be a good Idea to state the software you are using because its diff. in Corel, Illy, and Flexi.
I had this problem when either the cut line wasn't on the very top of the layer order or there was a transparency on top of the cut line. I use Illustrator and save my files as .eps and make sure it's set to postscript 3.


Flatten Transparency per the Roland manual settings.
this is how i get that situation to work
just make sure you don't flatten the cut lines only the artwork then put the cutlines back over it
also sometimes if you just save it as a pdf it will work


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Sorry, its windows XP with Illustrator CS3 and versaworks. I will try the flatten approach. Thank you all very, very much. It was driving me nuts!!! :U Rock: :thankyou:


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You could also save as an the options change the language level to 3 and the quality to high...most times this won't require any flattening.


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yup, spot color (CutContour) used with transparency (gradient). In this case I open the art (w/o contour) in PS, flatten & save as JPEG, place back in ILL & save a flattened version to print from. Sucks to have to do, but works 100%. never really noticed a quality loss either.