Print & cut tutorial


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Does anyone know of a "How To" or a "Tutorial" on how to set up a print and cut system using two different machines (separate printer and separate vinyl plotter)?

We are converting our FJ-540 to solvent and eventually like to add a separate vinyl plotter (that can read crop marks) that we can contour cut with.

This is what we own as of now....
Roland FJ-540 (will run eco-sol max inks in a month) - Roland ColorRip 2.2 + FlexiSign Pro 8.1 (I believe Roland ColorRip is made by Wasatch)

Could I make it work with what software we have now? Do we need to invest in any other software?

Thanks for any and all help! thanks!


FlexiSign will do the same as SignLab you just have to learn how to do it.
Also you may want to check some how to videos on i think they show you how to do that. Here is where you will find those videos.
once you click on it you will see the first video screen for the prismjet and under the screen you have menu where you can scroll down until you see
PrismJET Extra Setup-Flexi Sign Pro 8 Contour Cut Setup.


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SWEET! I'm going to do some watching and then tomorrow I'll go and play around with stuff at work. I know I won't be able to contour cut yet... but at least I can try and figure it out ahead of time.

Thanks a bunch!:thankyou: