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Print getting blurry


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So I'm getting this blurred area every so often on my prints. I can't seem to figure out what might be causing it. I cleaned my encoder strip and calibrated it and I'm still getting this. I think I'm going to calibrate the feed settings, not sure if thats it.


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
It's from media buckling. Next time you are printing get down at the same level as the platen and you will see the vinyl popping up in certain areas. The two main causes of this are crooked media and heat settings are too high for the vinyl. Make sure to load the material as straight as possible and if the roll is telescoped that will also cause media to skew while printing. With the heat setting you just want to go as hot as possible without buckling which just takes some trial and error. The thinner the material the more sensitive it is to heat settings.


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Gah it always is the most silly things that cause the issues. I went to my roll and noticed one flange wasn't tight on the roll. it's broken and was leaning. That's probably what is causing that. Thanks!