Need Help Print Profile for AD V-4000

So I've got a job that requires me to print on Avery Dennison V-4000 Reflective Film but I can't find a good profile for it anywhere. I have an HP Latex 360 and have never printed on this material before. The profile that I would need, and that Avery Dennisons website has, is faulty and will not let me download it to my printer. I put in a request letting them know what i need and that the profile they provided is faulty. Any ideas? Can i substitute it with a different profile? Should I make one myself? Just not sure the amount of saturation needed on reflective vinyl for it to come out looking the best that it can.

P Wagner

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Avery V4000 is a Certified media for current HP Latex printers. It is listed on the HP Media Locator (see attached screen grab), with an OMS file that works with all RIPs that fully support HP Latex printers. Pull down the file, and install it via the printer's Embedded Web Server interface, or you can go to the printer front panel Substrate Library and search under Avery Dennison (this requires that the printer has internet access).


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