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Printed colors don't match sample


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Hi everyone,

I have never had this issue before, and can not find any solutions/explanations as to why this is happening.
My final prints are not matching my sample, even though I used all the same settings/profiles. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to fix this?


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What exactly do you do when you create a sample print? Tell us the process and it will be easier to figure out where something might have gone wrong.

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Believe it or not, temperature humidity and dry time will create a variation of color even if profiles are the same. Picture would help too


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We've had prints with the same file and media shift colour the same day because of conditions. Colour matching is a pain, and if you're rerunning say 1 panel of a mural, it's often less hassle just to rerun the whole thing. Sometimes it's fine though, not a perfect science.

I've had to play with the colour balance of a file to get it to match because I had no other choice.


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Age of your heads matters greatly. A new head will produce more consistent colors, older heads have a life of there own, sometime individual nozzles fire when they feel like it producing a slightly different color.



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Is your shop climate controlled? Dukebrown nailed it for a problem we saw a few years back. Customer purchased a batch of screen printed signs in December and again in July. We had to totally reformulate the ink to get the color consistent. We don't deal with this as much on the digital side, but our digital shop is climate controlled.