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Printed, Laminated, Trimmed IJ680 - PRICES NEEDED


New Member
I am looking to see if anyone out there, especially Merchant Members, are interested in bidding on printing, laminating and contour cutting about 1.5-2 rolls of IJ680 for me per year for 5 years. The art is SIMPLE, but the ink coverage is high. It's for cop cars. We have the contract - so this is not a 'tire kicking'. I'm looking at subbing this out versus printing it in-house and wanted to get some quotes on a per SF price. For right now, just a quote on maybe 300sf. (Press/Color Check) then the rest will follow with approval of the department.

IJ680 / 3M 8518 / SCPM-3 PreMask (I am open to pre mask options R-Tape 4050? Just NOT TransferRite.)

Let me know via PM please. Thank you for your time.